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In 2004, PRODUCT SOLUTIONS was founded by Dr. Sangeeta Patel in Davis, CA. With over 30 years of academic and professional experience in food science, flavor chemistry, food toxicology, product development & launch, research & development, regulatory procedures, and technical manufacturing, Dr. Patel provided Food, Beverage and Nutraceutical (FBN) companies opportunities for innovative product formation as well as product improvement to strengthen their safety and quality profiles. Dr. Patel is a certified food scientist.

In 2011, in light of the FDA New Dietary Ingredient Notification released in July, Dr. Patel expanded her company and renamed it PRODUCT SOLUTIONS RESEARCH, Inc. (PSR) to offer validated product Safety Evaluations, Self-Affirmed GRAS and FDA GRAS to her nutraceutical customers. She established a team of scientists and an expert panel of toxicology researchers to substantiate PSR’s safety dossiers and GRAS projects.

Overall PSR specializes in providing product development, research and technical expertise, and project management of innovative and functional foods for companies in the FBN industries. Clients with technical needs in the areas of FBN processing materials, food packaging materials and other food contact articles will also be well served. Qualitative and quantitative analyses of each product are delivered in timely and concise project-managed and quality-controlled research reports or white papers.

To design and bring to market innovative, safe and health-affirming products.

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